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Melbourne is very much a knowledge city at work. The Melbourne 2010 ? Knowledge Cities World Summit Organising Committee has created a series of Knowledge Tours to provide delegates with the opportunity to visit some of the knowledge hubs of Melbourne.

Each tour costs AUD70 per person and includes all entrance fees and transfers.

Melbourne is the artistic and cultural capital of Australia. Every day of every year is filled with arts festivals, gallery showings, live theatre seasons and musical extravaganzas. Whether it?s a rock concert, an art exhibition, opera or a symphony performance you desire, you will find it in Melbourne.

During this walking tour of Melbourne, the heritage and architecture of Melbourne is everywhere you turn, revealing the city?s colourful and diverse history through its buildings. Participants will visit the Melbourne Recital Hall which recently won the National Award for Public Buildings at the 2009 Council of Australia Rider Levett Bucknall Awards for Innovation and Excellence, the Australian Centre for Moving Image, a unique institution of Federation Square which celebrates, explores and promotes the cultural and creative richness of the moving image in all its forms ? film, television and digital culture, and finally tour participants will be given the opportunity for an all encompassing tour of the iconic Arts Centre, the focal point of performing arts in Victoria.

Not only does this precinct house one of Australia?s great international universities, Monash University, an energetic and dynamic university committed to quality education and research, the Monash precinct is also home to the Australian Synchrotron and Australia?s first and only Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.

Join this tour to witness how the Australia Synchrotron highly intense light beam, ranging from infrared to hard x-rays, can be used to gain a better understanding of the molecular structure of materials and how the Melbourne Centre of Nanofabrication provides the means to produce complex micro and nano-science based demonstration devices and integrated systems in the environmental and medical sensors areas including microfluidics and basis micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) and the solar cell and energy areas.

Melbourne city is a natural hub for university campuses. This tour will focus on The University of Melbourne and RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) campuses. RMIT has played a significant role as an innovative, global university of technology with an international reputation for excellence in work-relevant education and high quality research and engagement with the needs of industry and community. RMIT opens its doors for an inclusive tour of its Melbourne campus.

The University of Melbourne Parkville, once a quaint campus made up of gothic architecture and Victorian buildings, is leading the way in university development with new infrastructure being built yearly. The latest addition is the Bio21 Institute is a multidisciplinary research centre, specialising in medical, agricultural and environmental biotechnology. See where the latest innovation and research in biotechnology is happening which will lead to the improvements in health and environment worldwide.

Melbourne is well known internationally as the sporting capital of Australia and hosts six of the top ten major sporting events in Australia. Melbourne is the home of the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament (tennis) , host of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, the founding city of national game Australian Football League (AFL), and home to Australia?s most prestigious horse racing event, the Melbourne Cup.

This strong sporting foundation requires a multitude of world class sporting arenas and stadiums to host the thousands of local and international visitors. Join this sporting precinct tour to gain an understanding of how Melbourne is leading the way in sporting infrastructure and landscapes. This knowledge tour will wind up with a short tour of Melbourne?s unique and growing Dockland precinct.


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